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February scrapbook

Tracing the trajectory of enthusiasms on the blog since 2010, one month at a time… 2/26/10 — a wildflower meadow was a fleeting, transitional feature of a local medical center. February 25, 2011, this weird aroid had my attention. It … Continue reading

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Celosia argentea ‘Cramer’s Amazon’

There’s been a couple of standout plants new to my garden this year, and this vibrant celosia is emphatically one of them. From Annie’s Annuals & Perennials, it was planted from 4-inch pots in August and grew steadily, like it … Continue reading

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october already

Somehow, what the low angled light of October does to grasses always catches me by surprise. I caught this peripheral shimmer on the way to the office yesterday morning, turned to find the source and gasped. Of course it’s one … Continue reading

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new to my garden; Justicia brandegeana ‘Red’

What is that? I was stretching my legs at a local nursery last week, not looking for anything in particular, just keeping track of what plants are up for sale in late August. Cosmos, zinnias, and dahlias have all showed … Continue reading

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clippings 6/22/20

Hope you find lots of interesting and diverting things to do this week. I’m tending new seedlings and waiting for another seed order to arrive — there’s got to be more empty pots around here somewhere…

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saturday clippings 4/4/20

A quick tour around the back garden this early April morning. A tidal surge of spring growth is washing up on the gravel under the pergola. It’s a small-garden microcosm and abridged version of a long, undulating path with plants … Continue reading

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monday’s plants 3/23/20

Leaving the bizarro world aside for the moment, and desperately clinging to the bright side, at least this unusual March has been a good month for rain in Los Angeles. We’re just about an inch below average, which is great … Continue reading

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some plants that got away

Continuing in a reflective, “safer at home” mood, from the AGO archives, these would be plants that got away for various reasons — grew too large, grew too slow, grew in a spot I needed for something new, but all … Continue reading

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what’s new…and what isn’t

Burrowing into plant and seed catalogues isn’t a bad idea at the moment. Mail ordering plants and seeds is eminently doable even in a pandemic crisis, and if you’re hanging out a lot at home, so much the better for … Continue reading

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Wednesday’s plants

In the interest of keeping a better garden record…

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