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Intermittent photo contributor MB Maher is off to Turkey — some of us make it a habit to travel frequently; for others (raises hand), it’s a rare event. With the PNW continuing to unspool cool, rainy days in May, all of a sudden, it doesn’t seem quite so untimely to plan a little getaway. Most of my life has been spent in dry, sunny SoCal, so similar conditions aren’t what first come to mind when contemplating the perfect getaway. But it all depends on context, doesn’t it, and how cold or warm you’ve felt day after day, or how claustrophobic or crowded, how lonely or windswept. When we first saved up a bit to travel, it was walkable cities I wanted to explore, the contextual point of departure being, well…Los Angeles! And if it rained on our rambles, no problem — off season was always cheaper, the streets evocatively empty. But I completely understand the allure of a warm beach (even if they give me the fidgets after a few hours), and these photos of a trip by Mitch last December to Baja California, the town of Todos Santos, might be just what you’re looking for. I seriously doubt the beaches and bars would be this empty now, though — in the family tradition, he visited in the off season, when the staff-to-guest ratio was almost comically luxurious…


Some quick research on Istanbul gardens brings up images of mostly European/Moorish formality. If you know of anything interesting, drop me a note and we’ll see if we can’t direct Mitch in that direction. Meanwhile, for my perfect getaway, I’m researching Lisbon, Portugal…

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  1. Kris P says:

    According to the LA Times, Portugal is now big with California transplants 😉 We’ve been flipping from cool to very warm and back again on a regular basis down this way so SoCal might be just the ticket to give you the variability you seek…

  2. hb says:

    Long to be somewhere cool and rainy myself. Wonder if it is genetic in some way–the entire ancestry for at least the last 500 years seems to have come from the coast of northern France, from Caen to Antwerp. Cool, grey.

    I fear Americans have already “discovered” Portugal–poor Portugal! A friend who visited Turkey said it was the most beautiful country she’d ever been too, and she has been to a lot of places.

    Lovely photos of Mexico. A beautiful country. Whereever you visit, enjoy!

  3. Elaine says:

    Gorgeous photos. I could see my hubby and me visiting there and enjoying the beach especially as right now we are in the middle of a Spring blizzard. Unfortunately, travel still does not figure much into our current plans but Lisbon does sound lovely. Noel Kingsbury left the UK to live there so there must be something magical about it.

  4. Denise Maher says:

    @Kris, people are really on the move these days! I hope the heat spells are few and far between for you this spring/summer.
    @Hoov, we really need to set up “rain rooms” in SoCal, nice misty coolish geodesic domes filled with ferns where we can get our rain fix!
    @Elaine, what a weird spring for so many! I have read some of Kingsbury’s accounts of starting his garden in Portugal — I don’t envy him the challenge!

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