Wyatt Ellison Metal Work

Somebody sign this man up now to do whatever he wants with an exhibit at a 2012 garden show.
Flora Grubb Gardens currently has a good selection of his work, where I snapped these photos over the weekend.





Images frrom the website Wyatt Studio:

Geometric globes

Morocco totems

Tetris nesting tables and Chaos sculpture


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5 Responses to Wyatt Ellison Metal Work

  1. Finally the rusty garden accents I’ve been hunting for…especially that first pic, the rusty containers, and then the totems and the poppies are pretty fabulous too!

  2. laguna dirt says:

    congratulations on finding some rusty iron work for the garden that is also fine art work!! especially loving those geometric globes, and, well, just about all of it! so glad there are gardening experts out there like you with such a keen eye!

  3. Denise says:

    Loree, that mosaic-like pot had me gasping for breath. I’d probably want to keep the poppies indoors, along with the tall yellow geometric globe.
    LD, the keen eye belongs to Wyatt and then Flora. But great work like Wyatt’s will find a way into the public’s eye.

  4. Lauren says:

    Gorgeous, unique, steel work – ab fabulous!!!!

  5. Fabulous Ferrus – Very Unique.
    Best of success to you.

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