Occasional Daily Weather Report 5/18/11

A late-season storm unexpectedly watered the garden for me the past couple nights.
In mid-May, this is a huge help. Such a boost to plants budding up for summer, like this Geranium ‘Dragon Heart.’*
For this storm to reach us, the rest of the West Coast must be pretty soggy.


Average Los Angeles rainfall annually approximately 15 inches, falling mainly January/February/March.

*’Dragon Heart’ pulled July 2011. Big leaves always burned, soil too dry. ‘Ann Folkard’ much better performer in zone 10.

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5 Responses to Occasional Daily Weather Report 5/18/11

  1. Scott says:

    Ha…oddly, Portland has been sunny most of this week (save Monday) and we aren’t expected to have rain again until the weekend..I kinda miss it 🙂 Granted, I may be the only Portland who would say such a thing! Love that Geranium…am I right in thinking it’s much like ‘Ann Folkard’, just without the chartreuse foliage?

  2. I thank you greatly for taking our rain! As Scott noted we’ve been dry(ish)…a huge gift for the house painting project!

    You’ve complemented my Saxifraga (London Pride) a couple of times…is this something you can find locally or do I need to send you a clump? I’d be happy to…I owe since you sent me Mr Ripples!

  3. Kathy says:

    Soggy soggy soggy. Snails ascend.

  4. Denise says:

    Scott, I always wonder if I could ever get tired of rain. What amazing plants your endless rain makes it possible to grow. Dragon Heart is similar to Ann Folkard but seems to be more like the species psilostemon, more clumpish and less trailing than Ann F. Bigger flowers too.
    Loree, I wasn’t trying to beg a piece of it, truly! But you know I’ll take up that offer.
    Kathy, I had a feeling you were getting hammered by this rain. More Sluggo!

  5. hb says:

    I caused it all. I washed my windows.

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