In a piece in yesterday’s New York Times, Steven Kurutz introduces readers to the “marketplace for design and antiques” known as 1stdibs.
And the next thing I knew, about three hours were somehow sucked out of my day.


Set of five collapsible metal tables with black lacquered X bases and two part sage and red lacquered tops. Much like the post modern architecturally inspired furniture designs by the Memphis Group. A collective of architects and designers established by Ettore Sottsass in Milano, Italy in the early 1980s.


Collapsible tables found on this page, about 80 pages in under the category “Curated Searches, 20th Century Specialists.” In my defense I can only offer that I was hoping to ID a Mid-Century chair I bought at a thrift shop in San Francisco in the late ’70s. As the NYT article points out, the lofty prices make browsing the site an exercise in admiration of craftsmanship and design rather than one of actual shopping.

The link to garden furniture can be found here. Proceed at your peril. Grab a light snack and something to drink.

(Consider yourself warned.)

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  1. laguna dirt says:

    ok, that’s the last thing i need!! i’m such a sucker for this stuff! seriously, thanks for the introduction to this fun site!

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