the uninvited

we are all on watch, just a little on edge here.


closer and closer to the gloaming, only the fiercest colors now pierce the gathering dark
while shy creatures creep out of hiding, feeling emboldened to assert their elemental natures


This Monday we’ll be locking the gates, shutting off the porch lights, and watching The Uninvited (1944). Beautiful old house on a cliff in Cornwall offered for sale at impossibly cheap prices for reasons that none of the town folk care to discuss. A lost dog. Amazing staircase that animals refuse to ascend. A seance with an Ouija board and shattering glass. Ruth Hussey and Ray Milland impeccably dressed for life in a country house. My kind of scary movie.

Oh, and the haunting scent of mimosa reaching into cold rooms, reaching across time…


(Photo of Acacia pravissima by Forest Farm. The mimosa scent from the perfume worn by Stella’s mother probably derived from Acacia dealbata.)

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5 Responses to the uninvited

  1. rosenatti says:

    Thanks to you, I’ve just added “The Uninvited” to my ever-growing film queue. I love me some elegant, atmospheric terror.

  2. Denise says:

    Rosenatti & Loree, I should’ve checked to see if this movie is widely available. Netflix doesn’t list it. My mom DVR’d it recently for us. It does comes around on the old movie channels.

  3. hb says:

    The flat-out scariest show I’ve been watching lately is a toss-up between “Hoarders” and the GOP presidential debates. “The Uninvited” sounds like a lot more fun!

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