driveby garden; 1/31/13

Do you consider the color of your house and its role as a backdrop/canvas for the garden?
I can’t believe the luscious, creamy, chlorophylly color on this house was an accident.
The plants are positively strutting and preening against it.

lime green sings



Both siding and trim echoed in one plant. Possibly Opuntia monacantha var. variegata.
Just try to convince me that’s an accident.

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6 Responses to driveby garden; 1/31/13

  1. Peter says:

    You’re correct, this is no accident! Beautiful!

  2. kathy says:

    This is something I think about often Denise; especially after Loree painted her house..for me the dark house colors are so appealing with the plant palette. I remember seeing Sues garden for the first time and could not imagine that garden without the dark red backdrop. Ditto the dark blue at Saucy’s place. I fantasize about painting my house, but since it is 2 stories painting it myself is out of the question and hiring it out is far down on the infrastructure punch list.Sigh. I do love that green though !

  3. Pam/Digging says:

    I agree — that was planned out. Very nice. I definitely considered the color of my house as a backdrop for plants, and promptly got rid of white for a soft grayish-brown that worked with the apricot brick. I’d love to have a wall of deep color, though, and if the sun wouldn’t fade it away and my house wasn’t mostly brick I’d go for it.

  4. Sue says:

    I wonder what came first the house color or the plants? Interesting that Kathy likes the color of my house as a garden backdrop. Although I didn’t choose the color, over the years I’ve had to take it into consideration when choosing plants. Barn red does go with many colors but generally does not look good with pink. If I ever get the opportunity to change it (aluminum siding) I would not choose red again. Pastel colors like this are nice but they seem to fit in better in warmer or coastal areas.

  5. Denise says:

    @Peter, as Sue says, the question is which came first, house paint or plants?
    @Kathy, that’s it, we’ll have to have a painting party at your place. Lisa can man the ladder, we’ll direct from the ground.
    @Pam, once you go down this road, it can get so complicated — fence color, hardscape, borrowed views — but, oh, when it all works!
    @Sue, when we bought our house it was barn red, with dark grey trim, colors just not seen around here. Made it look timeless and sturdy somehow. Very East Coast. Looked great on a bungalow and we loved it but have been going in a lighter direction. And you’re right, it stinks with pink!

  6. Charlie says:

    I hadn’t considered house color before, this was very useful and is starting me down a much different thought process. Thank you.

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