admiring the lines (Euphorbia lambii)

First it was the lush, wavy growth and strong limber lines Euphorbia lambii acquired this winter that I stopped to admire just as the sun was coming up. Euphorbia lambii is another one from the land of all things tender and exquisite, the Canary Islands, zoned for 9-11.


The so-called tree euphorbia, I used to dislike it for the very reason I now love it, the trunks and tree-like shape. Tastes change [shrugs].


Once the eye starts tracing lines, it quickly becomes a game of visual pickup sticks. Following the trunk of the euphorbia led to the pattern of lines in a nearby chair, the original Homecrest and the reason for recently acquiring another pair.


And then I noticed the beehive pot was getting in on the action too. Plant, chair, pottery — the important things in life.


Acanthus, thistle, iris, papyrus — plants are the graphic bible of pattern, the visual codex we’ve all been studying for millenia —
okay, admittedly some people more than others.

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4 Responses to admiring the lines (Euphorbia lambii)

  1. Kaveh says:

    How large do these get in your neck of the woods? I have seen ten foot specimens in Santa Barbara but here on the central coast so far all the ones I have seen top out at 4 feet. Mine was just planted last year so is just a little baby. I am hoping it will bloom this year. I do know that they reseed like crazy.

  2. Kacky says:

    I don’t think I have ever seen that!! Very cool plant!

  3. Denise says:

    @Kaveh, mine has reached 5 feet pretty fast. There’s a pretty big one at the Huntington that I’ll take a measuring tape to when I next go in a couple weeks.
    @Kacky, glad you liked it. Wait til you see it bloom!

  4. A guy named Greg says:

    A friend of mine has a yard full of these & I loved them so much, he have me some of the seeds/pods & planted 2. Quickly they grew, 2 years later the are both over 6′ … They produce a large amount of seeds/pods … Of interisted I will send you seeds/pods for free – contact

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