studies in pink

 photo P1019237.jpg

Lepismium cruciforme
(its tiny white flowers just opening will stay with the theme when they turn into hot pink berries)

 photo P1019184.jpg

Another epiphytic cactus, the rat tail cactus, Disocactus flagelliformis

 photo P1019179.jpg

And poppies

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7 Responses to studies in pink

  1. Scott Weber says:

    You really do have the best poppies!

  2. I feel as though you chose this topic especially for me. And yes the world does revolve around me. Laugh out loud. Love the pink beauties.

  3. Denise says:

    Scott, no doubt I’ll be photobombing poppies the next few weeks. Lovely but fleeting.
    Grace, yes, you own pink. Was thinking about you yesterday and thinking it’s seems like eons since I paid your blog a visit, where pink really resides.

  4. Kacky says:

    Who doesn’t love a poppy!?! Great shots- love the Rat Tail Cactus- never heard of that- beautiful!

  5. Chris says:

    Do you find that your Lepismium cruciforme grows away from the light? I have one that seems to reach for the shadows.

  6. gardenbug says:

    I’m starving for color here in Ontario… Lovely!!!

  7. Cassidy says:

    These pinks are stunning!

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