a garden with a roof

I miss when Sundays were neatly divided by the sections of a thick Sunday newspaper that sprawled across tables, beds, and couches. The travel section might include articles like this one on the Buenos Aires home of Mercedes Hernáez and Alejandro Sticotti, which they describe as “a garden with a roof.”

 photo Freunde-von-Freunden-Alejandro-Sticotti-Mercedes-Hernaez_3406-930x620.jpg

 photo Freunde-von-Freunden-Alejandro-Sticotti-Mercedes-Hernaez_3386-930x620.jpg

 photo Freunde-von-Freunden-Alejandro-Sticotti-Mercedes-Hernaez_3747-930x620.jpg

 photo Freunde-von-Freunden-Alejandro-Sticotti-Mercedes-Hernaez_3587-930x620.jpg

 photo Freunde-von-Freunden-Alejandro-Sticotti-Mercedes-Hernaez_3405-461x692.jpg

“Alejandro: It is wonderful to arrive here and see the garden, the trees, the birds. This place seems even greener than the neighbourhood actually is, and since the house has a lot of windows in the ground floor, the garden almost gets inside. We like plants very much and work a lot in the garden during weekends. We don’t have a gardener so we do all the work ourselves. We’ve both always had a lot of potted plants in the places we’ve lived in, and over the years we took them with us when we moved.
Mercedes: Books and plants are always the first things we pack.”

Found at Miluccia, via Freunde von Freunden, which has the full interview.

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2 Responses to a garden with a roof

  1. Kaveh says:

    This is the sort of house I want. All modern with floor to ceiling windows so you feel like the garden is all around you. Not so easy to find on my budget!

  2. Havilah says:

    May I have the floor plans or blueprints for that awesome home? Even the siding is perfectly raw and water worn. I want my OWN!! And you are right. Even in the pictures, it is easy to imagine the garden sort of living in the house with you. And who could deny the perfection of all that natural light! What a blessing to get to live in home that can inspire and probably promote a peaceful, tranquil state of being in even the most uptight of people. Did I mention, “Love it!!”

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