aloe, unidentified

I foolishly took down a listing on the blog of “Recently Purchased Plants,” because its length was getting embarrassing. Now I find I’ve simply traded one annoying sensation for another, and that is chagrin at not knowing the name of this beautiful, color-changing aloe.

 photo P1012056.jpg photo P1012059-1.jpg

a very early morning on January 25, still greeny-yellow

 photo P1012491.jpg photo P1012488.jpg

on February 7, in full peachy regalia

All along I thought this is where I planted Aloe capitata var. gneissicola, which blooms in distinctive hanging clusters, not spires.
If rummaging through the stash of old plant tags this weekend brings up a likely name, I’ll be sure to update.

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3 Responses to aloe, unidentified

  1. Kris P says:

    It’s very attractive. I’ll be interested in the name if you find it.

  2. Jane says:

    Why is this not Aloe vera?

  3. Denise says:

    @Kris, I’ve checked the labels, and I’m thinking this one came mislabeled as A. capitata var. gneissicola. So no help there! But I’ve segregated out all the labels to plants currently growing in the garden. Other nearby aloes yet to bloom are Aloe castanea ‘Cat’s Tail Aloe’ and Aloe ferox ‘Lava Flame,’ so we’ll see if those are their true identities when they finally bloom.
    @Jane, good point! These leaves are a much darker green edged in red, with red thorns.

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