Old California Style

Yeah, the architecture is really consistent, isn’t it? French next to Spanish, next to Tudor, next to Japanese.” Alvy Singer musing on Los Angeles architecture in “Annie Hall.”

Adobe-style house in a polyglot landscape. California pepper tree, Schinus molle (from Peru), acacia, and pale Variegated Pride of Madeira, agaves and cactus, feather grass.
Next-door to homes in the Tudor style, mediterranean villa, Cape Cod. I have to say I do prefer this adobe dream to the others.

 photo P1017146-001.jpg

 photo P1017130-001.jpg

 photo P1017129-001.jpg

 photo P1017137-001.jpg

 photo P1017135.jpg

 photo P1017126-001.jpg

 photo P1017153-001.jpg

 photo P1017152-001.jpg

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4 Responses to Old California Style

  1. You must live in some alternate reality where everything is just a bit more beautiful and peaceful than elsewhere. Can I come live in your world, LOL?

  2. Denise says:

    Or, Gerhard, it could be that chaos drives me to seek out its opposite! So I’d guess we both inhabit the same world 😉

  3. Hoov says:

    The simplicity of it is beautiful.

  4. ks says:

    Every time I see Shinus molle my mind goes right back to the California of my childhood.Does anyone ever plant them anymore ? We have neighborhoods like this in Napa too..houses built by people who came here from somewhere else,and needed to feel at home.

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