July in the Front Garden

The Spanish poppies, P. ruprifagrum, are still blooming, but if I pull out the wayward stalks with their seed capsules leaning every which way, I can manage to get some photos of the other plants that live here. This narrow garden is just two planting beds flanking the main walkway to the front door (you know, where the lawn usually grows…)


The red yucca, Hesperaloe parviflora, has such long-lasting blooms, you’d think I’d occasionally get a photo of them.



Weeding the poppies, I noticed that agave Mr. Ripple is offsetting, throwing some pups quite a distance away from the mother plant. That’s a little scary.

This little agave, ‘Blue Glow,’ is much better behaved.


From further back, with the little Pelargoniun ionidflorum to the right, a very tough customer. The burgundy-flowered Pelargonium sidoides also thrives here in almost xeric conditions.


Another ‘Blue Glow’ agave tucked in close to phormiums and the Brachysema praemorsum ‘Bronze Butterfly,’ the nasella grass, and poppy seedpods, of course. A little more thinning might be in order.


Ornamental oreganos flourish in the bone-dry conditions.


Even though every plant in this photo is green, what different texture each brings to the garden. The Euphorbia nicaeensis, on the left, has gotten a little too happy here.


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6 Responses to July in the Front Garden

  1. Kathy Stoner says:

    Too-happy Euphorbias..buyer beware ! And Pelargonium ionoflorum, is that a Robin Parer number ? I do believe that was my annual purchase from her booth at the garden show this year-but the tag seems to be missing from the pot. I love the filled-in aspect of your garden, and ponder my bare spots. Hail to gardeners with narrow strips on each side of the walkway that used to be lawn..I’m in that club, and at this point it’s hard to remember what the front garden looked like when it had lawn. Just as well.


  2. hoover boo says:

    What jumbled beauty–delicious. And one can never have too many ‘Blue Glow’ Agaves. As many as you have, they are never enough.

  3. Of course I shouldn’t judge from your photos, but thinning doesn’t really look necessary. Your plants have such a well-adjusted look, I feel sure they’re not too crowded. I despair of all my bare spots and aspire to that mature, comfortable-yet-still-lively look you show here. July IS often the test, I think.

  4. Denise says:

    Kathy, I really don’t recall a bare spot in your garden!
    Hoov, that little agave is a gem, isn’t it? Slow growing too.
    Jane, and sometimes I despair for a few more bare spots to fill in!

  5. I’m suffering through a summer with no Hesperaloe blooms. That’s what our cool spring and summer has done. Your blue glow (agave) is a knock-out. I love it! I try to situate mine (in a pot) so that the sun can light the edges but I can’t seem to get it right. And as for wanting a Mr. Ripples pup….yes please!!!! Ever since I saw one in Santa Barbara in someones yard I’ve been on the hunt. Thank you!!!!

  6. chuck b. says:

    I’ve been saving my pennies for a ‘Blue Glow’.

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