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Ah! There is nothing like staying at home for real comfort.” — Emma, Jane Austen

I can be a bit of a homebody and go days without leaving the house. The best thing about some days is coming home to the sight of our old, slightly beat-up oak door. The solidity and comfort of doors has been a lifelong preoccupation. And then there’s the built-in mystery and fascination of Other People’s Doors. Encircle a door in plants or line its entrance with pots, and I might stop and stare at your door for a length of time bordering on rudeness. Fortunately, there’s other obsessives out there doing some good door reconnaissance. I learned of Carole Isaacs’ San Francisco door project through this post on the Huffington Post, to which she left a comment referencing her door project. What admirable single-mindedness! I thought, as I scribbled off an email, to which Carole immediately and kindly responded:

“I am glad you like my doors. It is amazing to me that driving down the street doors can all look the same, but walking, what looks the same is not. There are variations large and small. Humans have a need to personalize the entrance to their homes and of course the inside too. It is ok to use some of the doors. Please mention I tweet a door a day @sfdoorproject . I have been too busy to post all of my neighborhood slide shows on FB. They are on, a work in progress. I photograph the doors for fun, and rationalize the incredible amount of time I have spent on this as marketing for my real estate business.”

 photo 10624614_900482793303976_3140230530933007884_n.jpg

Restios and aeoniums in faux lead containers in Pacific Heights. How could you not put containers on those stairs?

 photo 1514616_900482726637316_7815381799539993332_n.jpg

Westringia and tibouchina getting overly friendly. I love it when plants occasionally win the people/plant spatial wars.

 photo 10559948_900482626637326_7851574775442854302_n.jpg

Here you’d be greeted by the eye-opener of your scarlet boug coming and going

one sleeps, one snarls photo 10345839_902885096397079_690403970661477272_n.jpg

one sleeps, one snarls

 photo 1403044_902884423063813_9100167629798464639_o.jpg

very clean aeoniums in urns

 photo 10864010_902884419730480_2641823864872383160_o.jpg

Tightly clipped and squared-away entrance

 photo 10848781_902884349730487_5639005892822074180_o.jpg

What an aeonium town SF is! Fuchsias and camellias are also very happy here.

 photo 10869607_902884343063821_4170917338773242451_o.jpg

Under SF’s cool and misty skies, I bet those orchid blooms last for ages.

 photo 10850195_902867649732157_2312982556593044151_n.jpg

Mary Lennox’s Secret Garden gate (with intercom)

 photo 10864049_902867673065488_8935777604087793691_o.jpg

Mondrianish, color-coordinated door and phormiums. Painted trees rooted in concrete.

 photo 10861009_902867189732203_8960610537921793798_o.jpg

It must feel like coming home to a party every night at this door.

Thank you, Carole, and keep up the good door work!

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6 Responses to san francisco door project

  1. ks says:

    Thanks for sharing this Denise..I love it ! I go through ‘entry garden’ agony every year , as I am never satisfied –and spend quite a bit of time pondering what color I would like to paint my front door.

  2. Kris P says:

    There are so many cool doors here! I love color on a front door but currently have clear, rather ornamental glass. I wouldn’t be without the light it brings into the front entryway but, from my first look, I never felt the style fit the mid-century house. One day, if I can twist my husband’s arm, maybe we’ll replace them with another pattern with cleaner lines. As for color in front, I rely on bench cushions and pots to provide my fix.

  3. Pam/Digging says:

    I love doors too! Several of these are really fabulous — the lions, orchid blooms, and bougainvillea — but my fave is the first. The containers are perfect in every way.

  4. You’ve taken me back to my early college days when my dorm walls were decorated with posters and framed note cards featuring doors. I wonder if I still have any of them tucked away? Doubtful. These photos are marvelous, thank you for sharing Carole’s passion.

  5. Denise says:

    @Kathy, we’re woefully inadequate in the showplace entry dept. Hedges, fences, etc, make it a moot point.
    @Kris, I included only the photos with plants. There’s lots of other amazing doors to check out.
    @Pam, I think the first might be my fave too.
    @Loree, I’m guessing your roommates had posters of pretty boys and you had…doors? That’s what makes you so special!

  6. David Feix says:

    And too bad that photo of the Cymbidiums didn’t catch the Lotus maculatus in bloom, it must be outrageous. And Taylor Swift as Joni Mitchell? Well at least she does have good taste in musical heroes…

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