the indomitable Lotusland

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Following the blue glass slag-lined path on a recent visit to Lotusland in Montecito, Calif.

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We came upon the startling sight of a greenhouse in the jungle. Not startling in the expected, operatically flamboyant Lotusland sense, but because it was relatively humble, almost modestly functional.

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The docent made no mention of the greenhouse, and we dutifully shuffled past it at our 2-hour tour pace.

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Even so, I lingered here a bit longer, until the sounds of the docent’s practiced narration disappeared around a bend in the sparkling path. A greenhouse is a potent and evocative structure. It’s where the magic begins. And the intensely personal quality of a greenhouse, nurturing the seeds of garden dreams, might be why I felt such pathos here.

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Oh, yes, Mme Walska, even after all these years, your garden still casts a powerful spell.

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7 Responses to the indomitable Lotusland

  1. Sigh…

    What a garden, what a greenhouse.

  2. Alan @ It's Not Work, It's Gardening! says:

    When your “garden dreams” include a greenhouse, you get sort of an Inception thing going on, don’t you?

    I’ll have one someday…

  3. Hoov says:

    Those chunks of glass always seem to me like the crumbs that lead to the witches house. In this case, the witch being quite benevolent.

  4. Denise says:

    @Loree, you said it!
    @Alan, that is a very intriguing thought. Now I’ll have to watch that movie again.
    @Hoov, she certainly was a powerful sorceress. Six husbands!

  5. I always wonder what that interesting lighting would be like with the native trees there, instead of the eucalyptus forest everywhere! 6 husbands…uh oh.

  6. Pam/Digging says:

    I would love another visit to Lotusland, to stroll at my own pace for a few hours. I had a very rushed but docent-free tour a couple years ago — just long enough (about 1 hr) to whet the tastebuds.

  7. Anna K says:

    Oh – I would love to visit that garden some time… Seems absolutely magical.

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