Occasional Daily Weather Report 9/20/16

We’re having a spell of clammy, sultry weather, the kind that will boost passionflowers another foot in growth seemingly overnight.

 photo 1-P1013391.jpg

Passiflora hybrid ‘Flying V,’ was a gift from Max Parker, who blogs at Hook and Spur.
‘Flying V’ is a cross between two Jamaican passionflower vines, Passiflora penduliflora and P. perfoliata.
Jamaica’s tropical marine climate averages temperatures around 83F, so I think ‘Flying V’ has been feeling right at home in this tropical island weather we’re having.

 photo 1-P1016106-001.jpg

All summer it’s been near impossible to get any photos, as all the blooms clustered at the top of this Agave mitis ‘Multicolor’ bloom stalk, disappearing under the eaves in this photo from 2015.
(Hybridizer Mark Cooper felt the leaves bore a resemblance to his favorite guitar, the Gibson Flying V, played by Hendrix, Albert King, Lenny Kravitz, among many others.)

 photo 1-P1013448.jpg

The vine was planted in a large pot that’s been half buried in the ground, with the agave stalk, minus most of its bulbils, plunged in the center as an impromptu scaffold.
To be honest, using the agave stalk for support was a bit of a joke. I assumed the vine would need endless cajoling and coaxing and ultimately opt not to thrive. Call me jaded, it’s true.
But this vine immediately took off for the heights, and it’s taken all summer for it to cascade back down and bring those little pink parachutes back within camera range.

 photo 1-P1013443.jpg

And if I leave too early in the morning or get home too late the blooms will be closed shut, more shuttlecock than parachute.
Now I’m wondering how long it will be before that fibrous agave stalk disintegrates and the vine needs to be disentangled from its support.
But that’s a worry for mid-winter, not days like this. It’s nice to see the sky tumbled with big fluffy clouds for a change too.
‘Flying V’ is reportedly root hardy to zone 8.

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4 Responses to Occasional Daily Weather Report 9/20/16

  1. Tim says:

    It’s such a dainty, delicate flower and really cool leaves. I do enjoy the more garish passion flowers, but the subtlety of this one is charming.

  2. Kris P says:

    I love the pairing, Denise!

  3. Max Parker says:

    I’m so pleased Flying V is doing so well for you! It was languishing on a windowsill in a kitchen… and yet blooming almost constantly. It seems like a possible substitute for Rhodochiton down there? I love the backstory on the name! I guess I’d better start blogging again, now that you’ve linked to me 🙂

  4. Anna K says:

    Oh, that’s pretty – and I think the combination is genius! Maybe it’s just a light thing, but I find it fascinating that the open flowers are coral, whereas the buds are a dark pink.

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