the Nino garden gnome

You either embrace kitsch or you don’t (i.e. run away screaming). Or, in the case of Rome-based Plato Designs, you turn kitsch on its red-hooded head and recast it in cubist contours.

 photo nano_home.jpg

Garden gnomes: love them or hate them, there is no middle ground. And Plato Design just loves garden gnomes. The union of designer Pellegrino Cucciniello’s low-poly imagery and Italian hand-worked monochromatic cement was the key to restoring dignity to the garden gnome. The gnome can finally come inside and make its way to the lounge, the living room, the drawing room. Nino, thanks to his refined materials and detail, earns his rightful place with dignity, next to the great classics: picture frames and ornaments perched on bookcases. His calibrated geometric abstraction and imperceptible optical corrections make each Nino unique and highly desirable. Wishing to own a garden gnome is no longer a taboo.”

Maybe Nino will star in a traveling gnomic caper of his own — possibly crashing a future RHS Chelsea Flower Show, now that their garden gnome ban has been lifted?

(For indoors and outdoors.)

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2 Responses to the Nino garden gnome

  1. Kris P says:

    As garden gnomes go, I can honestly say I haven’t seen a better looking one.

  2. ks says:

    an elegant gnome at last.

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