friday clippings 1/18/19

I find this brickwork for the studio of photographer Graciela Iturbide utterly mesmerizing, taking a pedestrian building unit like the brick to new heights — three-story heights, in fact. The architects Mauricio Rocha (Iturbide’s son) and Gabriela Carrillo (of the firm Taller) “sought for the project to demonstrate a repetitive and almost obsessive use of a singular material.” I think they nailed the dynamism in repetition.

taller studio iturbide
 “We love to compose space with tension and void; they are as important for us as any material. We are endlessly fascinated by all kinds of in-between spaces and how one can move through the space. We tend to use the absolute minimum of materials. We prefer simple stacking, but always in ways that would provoke a structural tension and evoke lightness and weightlessness.” via Archdaily

taller studio iturbide
 photo Taller_EstudioIturbide2_121.jpg
“a small, three-level tower, characterized most notably by its materiality of ubiquitous, rhythmic brickwork. the conditioned, centralized space is flanked on either side by open-air patios, laterally enclosed by brickwork walls which extend to the full height of the studio. taller sought for the project to demonstrate a repetitive and almost obsessive use of a singular material.” via Design Boom
“We don’t like to emphasize where exterior stops and interior begins, where inside becomes outside”
 photo Taller_EstudioIturbide_222.jpg
“Our architecture is activated by light that transforms every 90-degree angle into an infinite array of shapes that continue to change as the day progresses. It is always fascinating to discover how seemingly straightforward space becomes incredibly complex when animated by sunlight.” via Archdaily

Open yet cloistered, good light and air circulation — I think plants and a photographer could be equally happy here. Can you imagine the studies of shadows and light that wash over the studio throughout the day? Being a native Californian and a temblor worrywart, I do wonder about the brickwork’s resistance to earthquakes.

Our storms have left, sunny skies reign again, and the turbulence is moving east…take care and have a great weekend!

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3 Responses to friday clippings 1/18/19

  1. hb says:

    Reminds me of FLW’s Mayan Revival textile block houses. Yeah, looking at all the bricks, I think…what about earthquakes?

    Have a great weekend, you.

  2. Kris P says:

    My imagination would not have come up with anything as attractive as this if you’d simply mentioned a 3-story brick structure. The view is great upward and downward but I still think being within the space would make me claustrophobic, even though enclosed spaces don’t normally bother me.

    Rain, rain, go away – but please come again in about 2 weeks.

  3. Peter says:

    Visually stunning but, like yours, my mind went to the earthquake place.

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