tying up the blooming bromeliad

I think the potted Agave Snow Glow might be getting ready to bloom too

To continue with the hyper-journaling of the back garden, Alcantarea odorata has been tied upright to the tetrapanax and hummingbirds are able to visit the opening flowers safely and regularly again. That was done last week. Lovely heavy mist this morning that stained the pavement wet.

No sign of pups at the base of the bromeliad yet
but Mangave Purple People Eater has produced a pup, planted upper right
growth continues to surge on the trevesia in August. Im calling it Trevesia palmata, but Im not certain about the ID — it was a gift labeled as a green cussonia, quote unquote. My keyboard is still in ee cummings mode (lacking in some punctuation)

Yesterday I started on that path I was envisioning, which doesnt transverse all the way through yet, but its a start. I transplanted what I wanted to keep and saved some Aloe Moonglow pups, if anyone is interested. Ive got another big clump of Moonglow so cant use them all. With the current news cycle, just thought you might need a garden report distraction this morning…

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4 Responses to tying up the blooming bromeliad

  1. hb says:

    Yeah, dreadful news, and a lot of it. Garden and garden blogs a refuge, thankfully out in the garden with this bit of cool overcast we’re getting–isn’t it wonderful?

    Fab foliage on that Trevesia. ‘Moonglow’ pups aplenty here, too. Was just thinking about who I could give them too.

  2. Denise says:

    @Hoov, it stayed overcast almost all day! I know I appreciate when the garden blogs are posting, even if I dont always comment. I have to borrow Martys computer to comment — I really need a new computer setup!

  3. Kris P says:

    I love the Trevesia. I enjoyed the overcast conditions as well and spent most of the afternoon in the garden puttering, although not accomplishing much. The midsection of my back garden looks as though someone came through and torched it. I’ve reduced my supplemental watering this summer and it shows. I don’t know what I’m going to do if mandatory water restrictions are put in place. I should probably convert more areas to succulents so I’ll take a few of the ‘Moonglow’ Aloe pups.

  4. Elaine says:

    The first photo looks very tropical. I am also in love with the Trevesia. The upper leaf looks like it is made of a lovely porcelain ceramic. We have two glorious days of rain but it has become quite cool too. However, will take it. Thanks for the lift.

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