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potted plants on the move

The summer containers in nondrought-stricken gardens can become quite a virtuoso display. I’ve understandably pared things down the past few years but am always amazed at how even a relatively small group of pots can exclaim “Summer!” All the pots … Continue reading

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more on the east fence

I might as well continue with the east fence, the dark blue/black of which can be seen in the distance looking under the pergola. The pots shown yesterday are on the brick patio to the left of the cypresses, and … Continue reading

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Occasional Daily Weather Report 1/2/15

The thrumming of little portable heaters has been the constant background noise here at home in these brand-new days of the new year. A post-holiday chest cold has descended on the entire household, which has left me fit for nothing … Continue reading

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succulents in spring

Prowling around the garden yesterday with this or that new plant in one hand, spade in the other, looking for planting opportunities where I already knew none existed, it seemed more constructive to put the spade down and pick up … Continue reading

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