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spring rush 2018

Can you believe spring is here? Maybe it’s not full-on spring yet in your neck of the woods, but I’ve been on a tear the past few days, covering a lot of counties, San Diego, Orange, and Los Angeles, just … Continue reading

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tracking down a tillandsia

Up to as recently as a few weeks ago, I confess I didn’t pay much attention to the various species of tillandsias (aka air plants, bromeliads adapted to a basically rootless life as epiphytic tree dwellers.) The darlings all curl … Continue reading

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Potted’s Eternal Gratitude Sale – last weekend

There it is, behind that gauzy curtain of Acacia iteaphylla. Potted’s City Planter, pretty much untouched since first planted. I really should trim back those lanky succulents, but overall I’m amazed at how unblemished and pristine the City Planter remains … Continue reading

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Occasional Daily Weather Report; Thomas Fire’s impact on gardens and plant nurseries

Stepping out the back door this morning, my skin instantaneously felt the difference. Running to check the hygrometer on the front porch, that immediate sense of all-encompassing hydration was confirmed. The needle registered over 90 per cent humidity. The pergola … Continue reading

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new and semi-new plants

perky pilocereus at OC Succulents What plants have grabbed your attention lately? Last week I was chasing down a hard-to-find compact form of one of California’s native buckwheats, Eriogonum giganteum var. compactum. The Grow Native nursery at Rancho Santa Ana … Continue reading

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fall planting: what happened to my phlomis?

It’s fall planting time in Southern California, and I’m planting phlomis. And it’s deja vu all over again. I like to think that the blog functions at least as a personal resource, a planting reference that at a minimum chronicles … Continue reading

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friday clippings 7/28/17

I’ve been in an insatiable mood for plant shopping lately. I found this variegated form of Salvia ‘Berggarten’ yesterday at Roger’s Gardens and am putting up its portrait immediately because it may be its last. This salvia and my soil … Continue reading

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discovering The Potting Shed on a Lark at Sourced Collective

There’s retail that does vintage and architectural finds well, and there’s retail that does plants well. Haven’t you wished somebody with a passion for both would combine them under one roof? I know I have. Consider it handled by The … Continue reading

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mail order summer plant sales

A couple of nurseries in my inbox are having massive summer sales at the moment. Agave titanota ‘Banana Peel,’ photo from Plant Delights. I was surprised at how many agaves they’ve included in their sale. It’s a great way to … Continue reading

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Solanum valerianum ‘Navidad, Jalisco’

I just don’t know what to think about this vine. First of all, let me be clear that I love the opulence of this solanum’s pendulous, grape-cluster-like performance. With its ropy swags of purply bloom, it is truly like living … Continue reading

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