greatest hits

 photo i-R4bNr7S-X3.jpg a thing for us; Smithson’s Spiral Jetty
 photo 1U6A0184-X2.jpg
parachuting in on the airplantman
 photo 1U6A1578-X2.jpg
a quick visit with Kelly Kilpatrick of Floradora Garden Design
 photo 5M4A2314.jpg
Nigel Dunnett’s Low-Input, High-Impact Landscapes  photo C26T7694-7.jpg Cevan Forristt
 photo 1-_MG_1712.jpg
Bromeliads for Winter  photo P1010154-001.jpg postcards from Santa Barbara gardens Photobucket Into the Fog  photo P1011636.jpg an hour in San Francisco Botanical Garden in April  photo 1U6A6349.jpg a Hollywood Hills garden in three acts Photobucket summer 2102 road trip: Pacific Northwest Photobucket scenes from Versailles Photobucket Big Daddy On The Move  photo 1-_MG_4392.jpg beyond the lawn; notes on 2016 LA Garden Conservancy Open Days  photo 1-_MG_4468.jpg beyond the lawn; part 2 Photobucket Venice Garden & Home Tour 2011  photo 1-_MG_3251-001.jpg planting details at the Reid garden  photo P1018657.jpg anatomy of a late-summer road trip  photo 1-_MG_2248-001.jpg Wanda Mallen & Gary Vincent’s Fallbrook garden  photo 1-_MG_1920.jpg Seaside Gardens, Carpenteria, California  photo P1015819.jpg the High Line in June  photo 1-_MG_2993.jpg The landscape at Pitzer College; The John R. Rodman Arboretum Photobucket exploring a coastal garden with Lili Singer  photo P1018304.jpg driveby garden; LAPD headquarters, Downtown Los Angeles Photobucket Come Any Time Photobucket San Marcos Growers Field Day Photobucket Sherman Gardens & Library  photo P1014088.jpg A February visit to the Huntington desert garden  photo P1011058.jpg streetside; your own personal prairie  photo P1012612-2.jpg the disappearance of summer lawns Photobucket Manly Plants Photobucket Sean Hogan at Flora Grubb Gardens  photo P1015961.jpg better know an agave  photo P1018975.jpg Portland Pots It Up  photo _MG_2781.jpg the French Laundry’s Culinary Garden  photo P1017014.jpg streetside: succulent garden 6/24/14  photo P1013461.jpg the Taft Garden  photo P1012138.jpg the new courthouse  photo _MG_9050.jpg A much anticipated visit to the garden of Shirley Watts Photobucket Riches of Rancho Reubidoux  photo _MG_5450.jpg Jardin Majorelle, Morocco Photobucket 1/24/13 Thursday Garden Talk with Lili Singer Photobucket Rust Never Sleeps: Recent Work By Dustin Gimbel Photobucket driveby agave garden Photobucket Folly Bowl Photobucket Cinema Botanic No. 2: Green Card  photo _MG_0710-114-8.jpg Villa Mundo Nuevo Photobucket The High Line in Autumn
 photo P1014598.jpg

scenes from Long Island

raise the red lantern

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