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March mixes it up

The month of March, fittingly named for the god of war, here at the coast is a pitched battle between winter and spring. Winter battles for supremacy lobbing hail, snow, and night-time freezing temperatures, but it’s a dead-ender’s ploy. Spring … Continue reading

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February scrapbook

Tracing the trajectory of enthusiasms on the blog since 2010, one month at a time… 2/26/10 — a wildflower meadow was a fleeting, transitional feature of a local medical center. February 25, 2011, this weird aroid had my attention. It … Continue reading

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January scrapbook

Starting with January 2010, what I’ve seen, what I’ve grown, what I’m still growing… (In making a January scrapbook, I realized there are no photos of the garden from January 2020, since I spent that month at my mom’s house.)

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the January report

Another January gone. There have been nine reported on the blog. A lot has changed, but a lot is still weirdly the same. (For example, my obsession with poppies and agaves.) Inconsistent, ambivalent, flighty — those are the words that … Continue reading

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Susanna Dadd in Pacific Horticulture

This summer issue of Pacific Horticulture is so much fun, filled as it is with lots of familiar faces and voices. All kinds of echoes and ripples from the virtual garden community spill over into this issue. Not only does … Continue reading

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