The Great Corgi Caper

Maybe your local newspaper was following this story. Possibly the breaking Wikileaks news edged it off the front page. Now that Bunny and Peter have been rescued, I can exhale and indulge in some flippancy, but make no mistake, for the two days they were missing, a gloom was cast over our household.


And the gates were locked ever since the newspaper advised residents to “Be on the lookout for these dogs,” dogs that look a lot like this one.


Distressed as we were over the lost dogs, we were also worried an overzealous bounty hunter might mistake our Ein for the kidnapped corgis.
(Some of you anime fans may remember our dog’s namesake, the corgi Ein, as the boon canine companion and “data dog” of those interstellar misfits and bounty hunters in Cowboy Bebop.)

We tried to hide the news as best we could, but we could tell he was anxious.


Sure, his nerves of steel steadied him, but the strain was beginning to crack through that courageously stoic, Buster-Keaton facade.
(Note chew marks on legs.)


Welcome home, Peter and Bunny, and congratulations to Peter, unfazed by the ordeal, going on to win best in his class at the Los Encinos Kennel Club Dog Show in Long Beach yesterday. Nice fortitude, Peter! And good luck to Peter and Bunny in the AKC/Eukanuba National Championship this weekend.

(Recent purchase of Aloe peglerae doing paperweight duty for the good news “Stolen Dogs Recovered.”)


Stand down, boy. They’re safe.


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3 Responses to The Great Corgi Caper

  1. Kathy says:

    Dredging up memories of my show-dog childhood.. the pinnacle was the Santa Barbara Kennel Club, a benched show (one of few) and full of obscure 60’s celebrities-Paul Lynde and his Dandie Dinmonts(apropos somehow) among others.

    I for one do not care to see Ein suffer one moment of anxiety. I mean, he’s barely recovered from the damn cone !

  2. great, we can finally stop holding our breath! we had a corgi for 16 years named beryl, and she took off one day (it never occurred to us that she may have been stolen, although she certainly was worthy of such a crime!) and we were beside ourselves all night. the next afternoon my husband inspected an underground garage under construction on our cul-de-sac and there she was down in the sump pit, which was full of cold water. only her head was not covered. she was stuck down there. she was quite shaken, but had a full recovery! LOVE corgis!!!!!!

  3. Denise says:

    Janine, what a harrowing tale! But I’m thrilled to find out Beryl lived to a ripe old age of 16 years.

    Kathy, I was tempted to attend the dog show this year, if only to take some photos, but so far never have. Ein does corners a lot better now without that blasted cone. Cataract surgery was a great success.

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