Pets on Mid-Century Furniture Contest

I’m probably shooting myself in the foot, contest chances-wise, by blogging about this Modernica contest. God knows, you guys are probably breakfasting, lounging, and blogging on fabulous mid-century furniture as I type, incredibly photogenic pets at your side. But along with this being a naked pitch to grab votes for Ein, it’s also encouragement to participate and add your own photos. (Whoever wins, that’s the way it crumbles, cookie-wise, as C.C. Baxter/Jack Lemmon wisecracks in one of my favorite movies, The Apartment, a mid-century classic.) Hopefully, Ein’s photo will be added to the Modernica blog this week for voting, which is done in weekly elimination rounds. The contest is open through the 31st of January.

Our entry is “Ein on Thonet,” regal as always.


Winning Val Easton’s Plant Talk contest earlier in the year has me thinking I may be on a roll, luck-wise. I’m going for the George Nelson saucer lamp.
And, it goes without saying, all our pets are winners.


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5 Responses to Pets on Mid-Century Furniture Contest

  1. You’ll get my vote! I just want to know if Ein can get up there by his/herself or needs assistance?

  2. Kathy says:

    Well damn Denise, Ein is a Corgi for gods sake, how could you NOT win ? Does a pile of Bauer count as mid-century furniture ?

  3. rosenatti says:

    Corgi love! Could you post a reminder when Ein’s round turns up on the Modernica blog? I subscribe to a lot of design blogs, a few of which have their own furry entrants, and I want to make sure your wee Welsh nobleman gets my vote. Sometimes I get confused when confronted with landslides of cute.

  4. shoot denise, shhhhh! my son and i were moving our furniture, taking photos of his little parrotlet (mini parrot named Cacambo) perched on any mid-century piece of furniture we could find! so we are competitors!! watch out! i wish i had an adorable corgi, like ein, though, to work with! (we had a corgi for 16 years named beryl.) i’ll vote for you if you vote for me! i want anything they have!

  5. Denise says:

    Loree & Kathy, thanks for turning what easily could have been an obnoxious pet owner post into fun. And yes, Eid did need a slight boost, but then he needs a boost to get on just about any furniture, into the car, to climb anything higher than a curb!
    Rosenatti, great idea — if and when the “Welsh nobleman” gets in the contest, I’ll post a reminder.
    Janine, you too! I’m keeping an eye open for Cacambo for my vote. He may be the first bird in the contest which gives you an edge! I remember you mentioning Beryl before. 16 yrs is a wonderful amount of time with a good dog.

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