Brachysema praemorsum ‘Bronze Butterfly’

All I could remember about this beauty was the name ‘Bronze Butterfly’ and that he was a California native, but I was
only half right.

Brachysema praemorsum ‘Bronze Butterfly’ is from Australia. Takes the harsh conditions of the front gravel garden in stride,
which include minimal irrigation in summer but also low light levels in winter. The odd-shaped red flowers are superfluous,
to me anyway. Hummingbirds say otherwise. Low growing to 2 feet, lightly clipped to keep it about 2-3 feet wide.
I’ve only once seen it in commerce here in Southern California — the day I bought it, now some years ago.
Spring growth brings that tart chartreuse edge to the dark leaf. Beautiful shrubby texture for the agaves, phormiums
and sedums surrounding it.


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