Tulip Porn

Tulip ‘Brown Sugar’

It would push me over the edge to have to write catalogue descriptions for tulips.
A groundwork of deep apricot etched in grenadine feathering reaching just shy of the margins, emanating from a central upward brush stroke of cerise pink.
Try doing that eight hours a day.




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8 Responses to Tulip Porn

  1. Les says:

    How plant descriptions are written is fascinating. Some like the above make you wonder what they are really talking about, while many in the opposite end leave you cold and asking why any gardener would want the plant.

  2. Denise says:

    Les, it is tricky. More and more I’m scribbling notes for plants I need after reading about them on blogs.

  3. hoover says:

    I’d be willing to try…it beats unemployment. Lovely flowers.

  4. Chris Maciel says:

    Love that tulip, which despite its name, is a beauty. Sometimes the name can put one off, almost too corny to keep saying it. Doesn’t it remind you of ‘Princess Irene’?
    Didn’t grow any tulips this year…I’m already sorry!
    Thanks for a great post, including the photos of succulents & cactus.

  5. Scott says:

    Just lovely…how can you not like those babies!

  6. Denise says:

    Chris, it does look similar to Princess Irene, but it’s aging to a dark, burnt sugar color.

  7. reuben says:

    Gorgeousness; lovely description … bravo, Denise!

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