Erodium pelargoniflorum

This little self-sowing erodium owns the front gravel garden in spring. Just yesterday I pulled handfuls of it up to give some nerines a bit of breathing room.
Weedy, yes, but cheerful and controllable. A quick Internet search tells me that it is considered by many charming, which it is, and that it blooms all
summer, which it does not here in zone 10, at least in the austere environs of the gravel garden, with very little supplemental irrigation.

But where’s it from? Nice to know that my trusty Hortus III still has an answer faster than prowling the Internet, which necessarily includes being
waylaid by enticing images and descriptions and forgetting what you were looking for to begin with. Asia Minor is the swift, dry answer from Hortus.
Add Asia Minor to the search string, and we’re getting somewhere. Somewhere probably in Turkey.


A few feet away a young smoke tree stirs into leaf again:


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