Got Sluggo?

My garden shed is organized with the same efficiency as my clothes closet (as in zero efficiency. Ask my husband. I ‘m a complete slob), but the Sluggo is always the most accessible item in the shed. I was at a nursery recently that impressed me with their ceramic bowls of Sluggo on the work counters to allow employees quick access to the pellets. A small detail that conveyed a brisk competence, sensible but extravagant, too, considering the price of the stuff. Maybe they get a commercial bulk rate. For the uninitiated, Sluggo is the trade name for the biodegradable iron-phosphate pellets that cause fatal indigestion to only snails and slugs but is completely safe for pets. Lately I’ve been flinging Sluggo around like chicken feed in the early mornings. Here sluggy, sluggy slug!


Right now, the garden is short on mollusk predators. (My box turtle Helga disappeared years ago. And what happened to the possum?)
I don’t seek complete extermination of these fascinating creatures, only a just and equitable parity.
They never chew on this yucca, yet it seems to be a snail superhighway of sorts.
Just before sunrise this snail had nearly reached the summit of the leaf, perhaps seeking a vantage point from which to survey his salad bowl of a world, but as the first rays skimmed the garden he hastened his slipperfoot in the direction of some dark, cool recess. Where a nice snack of Sluggo was waiting for him.

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5 Responses to Got Sluggo?

  1. Grace says:

    Yep. Got Sluggo. And I’m not afraid to use it either. 🙂 Here in the Pacific Northwest it’s mandatory. Cute shot of the dastardly diner.

  2. ks says:

    Got Sluggo, got the new cinnamon oil spray (even more expensive that Sluggo)and still they live on. Snails are a super-race.

  3. hb says:

    One thing about terrible drought: all the snails vanish. I’d rather have the rain and the Sluggo, though the satisfaction of squashing the things underfoot with a satisfying crunch cannot be denied.

  4. Denise says:

    Grace, I bet you go through buckets of it. Your garden always manages to look gorgeous though!
    Kathy, I haven’t heard of the cinnamon spray. At least the garden smells good, right?
    Hoov, that crunch is my Actor’s Studio question: Least favorite sound? But it’s probably a faster death than from Sluggo.

  5. I used to feel bad to squash snails. If they were awake with head out, they were spared. These days I pass the true gardener’s test – I’ll squash them bare handed if no gloves are close by and I’m barefoot. The only escargot permitted in my garden now is the Begonia in a pot outside my window.

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