Occasional Daily Photo 6/3/11

The garage was cleaned out yesterday, and I was offered four leftover glass doorknobs. Yes, of course, I need them.
I absent-mindedly stuck them in the closest thing to hand, a pot of succulents. Kinda startled me this morning, the pairing of chiseled leaves and glass.
Echeveria ciliata x nodulosa and Echeveria ‘Crinoline.’ Must search garage for more doorknobs…


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4 Responses to Occasional Daily Photo 6/3/11

  1. MB Maher says:

    In the groove now

  2. Denise says:

    MB — It’s a narrow groove, but I’m workin’ it. I just love that cock-eyed lens.

  3. Denise says:

    Kathy, that’s one of the perks of living in a falling down, 100-year-old house undergoing perpetual maintenance. Cool stuff collects. In other words, don’t be jealous.

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