Occasional Daily Photo 7/11/11

Brugmansia hybrid ‘Charles Grimaldi.’ Incredibly voluptuous, scented trumpets…on a plant that rivals the hybrid tea rose for awkward growth and ugly legs.


Just haven’t found the right approach yet to placing these subtropical shrubs in a zone 10 landscape, where they can bloom nearly year-round.
To me, a gawky brug cries out for the structural boost of a container. A huge, preferably bottomless container, so it can root into the ground.
In which case it’s very nearly drought tolerant, as opposed to the daily wilt it gets in a pot.
Brugs: a love/hate relationship with a complicated subtropical beauty. Nothing like their scent on a warm summer night.

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7 Responses to Occasional Daily Photo 7/11/11

  1. Ryan Miller says:

    Someone in my neighborhood has a really nice one they keep in a pot and overwinter. I have to find out if they did it with or without light, if it was without I could pull it off too. I really like the color on yours! So warm.

  2. Grace says:

    Or perhaps an underplanting of something of substance and girth to hide the gawky lower limbs? Beautiful photo!

  3. Denise says:

    Ryan, I’ve got a friend on the East Coast that overwinters her brugs and will try to get some info. I know they go semi-dormant. Some people try to keep them going under lights, other just bag them, keeping them dark. I’ll see what I can find out.
    Grace, a pool of Senecio mandraliscae maybe? I really like brugs when they’re planted high, growing out of a retaining wall.

  4. hb says:

    I hacked my 15′ brug down to about 5′ and it has all come back (of course) as a huge full globe with foliage almost down to the ground. That will change, naturally, but I think I could give it a hard whacking every year and get that effect. The question is, do I want to do that hacking every year?

    And what a gorgeous photo!

  5. Denise says:

    Hoov, I saw a brug draped over a six-foot wall yesterday. No plant visible, just blooms. I wonder if it’s too brittle to espalier?

  6. hb says:

    If I were attempting a Brug espalier I would leave whatever was right against the wall and cut off everything else. Would take fanatical maintenance, don’t you think?

  7. Megan says:

    Another reason to roadtrip to Mendocino! There are at least four awesome Brugmansia sanguineas (one in a big container)in town. I like them all, but LOVE the red one.

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