The California Look 2011

The Los Angeles Times L.A. At Home section has been asking for readers’ input in a poll to determine the “California Look” for 2011.
Results of the poll can be found here.

Offered as inspiration for the poll is this 1951 Los Angeles Times Magazine cover.
(Why, oh, why did my mother prefer early colonial imitations?)


Included in the article linked above are further links to the categories, which include patio planters, outdoor lamps, outdoor fabrics, fire features, room dividers, side tables, outdoor chairs, indoor chairs, rugs, pet beds, candle lanterns.

Here’s a fetching number in the outdoor chairs category. The Loop Chair from Downtown.
One can never have too many chairs.


The Bend Seating collection is also well worth a look.


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3 Responses to The California Look 2011

  1. ks says:

    My late MIL , may she rest in peace, was total faux colonial, and it persisted into the 90’s. We all refused the hand me downs.

  2. hb says:

    Yet another child of faux-colonial furniture parents here–did that style drive us all out into the garden?

  3. Denise says:

    Well, that must mean something! Starved for meaningful shapes and patterns, we sought refuge in plants?

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