Mina lobata, the sequel

The WordPress blogging platform that hosts AGO suffered a catastrophic system failure over the past few days. I understand very little about what caused the problem, but only know that a very nice person named Matt at Apis Networks acted as my intermediary with the angry computer gods. After the gods stopped hurling lightning bolts at WordPress and the smoke cleared, the irrevocable damage appears to be just one blog post gone forever, the one on the annual vine Mina lobata.

So one more time. The annual vine Mina lobata, aka Exotic Love Vine, Firecracker Vine, Spanish Flag.

Sunday the 85-ton space shuttle Endeavour arrived at its final resting place at the California Science Center, after crawling through Los Angeles’ streets at a speed of 2 mph all day Friday and Saturday, while a lone sky diver hurtled 24 miles back to Earth at speeds over 800 mph.
A weekend to ponder our technological journeys perhaps? I know I did.


The gist of the post on Mina lobata was that it wilted in its afternoon western exposure all summer, which is what it is doing again, as temps crawl back up into the 90s. And that I like this candy corn-colored vine a lot.

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3 Responses to Mina lobata, the sequel

  1. Denise says:

    @Jason at gardeninacity.wordpress.com commented:
    “Might have to try it myself. Looks like a good vine for hummers.”

    @Kathy at gardenbook-ks.blogspot.com commented:
    “If I had to live my life over I would choose houses with full sun til 2pm, dappled shade til 5pm, and evening sun broken by lacy trees. No such luck here !”

    @Michelle commented:
    “I’ve grown this vine in the past. It is an interesting one. Here I could grow it in full sun.”

    @Loree at dangergarden.blogspot.com commented:
    “I want to live next door to Kathy and have a nice big fence to grow the Mina lobata on.”

    @Deanne at deanneart@blogspot.com commented:
    “What a beauty! I’ve never seen this one before.”

    @Sue at idyllhaven.blogspot.com commented:
    “I’ll have to keep my eye out for this one next spring. To Kathy’s wish list for a house with perfect exposure, I’d like to add that elusive “moist but well drained” soil.”

  2. Nicole says:

    Love this vine, have to try growing it this season. Somehow all my delicate vines end up being destroyed at seedling stage.

  3. Denise says:

    Nicole, this is my first success with this vine. It does look delicate, but it really put up with some brutal conditions this summer.

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