studies in orange

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(Agave “Mr. Ripple’ gets his portrait included because, as Van Gogh wrote, “there is no orange without blue.”)

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6 Responses to studies in orange

  1. Les says:

    This is probably my favorite color in the garden. I was told once by a mentor that orange was not a color ladies liked and to not use it in our landscape designs. I quietly ignored her.

  2. Sue says:

    I love orange in the garden-especially with blues and purples.

  3. Hoov says:

    I never thought of myself as a lover of orange, but the color works so perfectly here the garden is trending in that direction. Must be the light.

  4. kathy says:

    What a road orange has traveled..for years I would have none of it, following along the pastel craze like a lemming. If you have purple, you need to have orange.

  5. Charlie says:

    I love the colors in your garden that give it such pop.

  6. Denise says:

    @Les, such a spectacular color. I think in the past garden writers (English?) subtly passed on a bias against this color. It’s great for southern gardens.
    @Sue, I love your strong use of color.
    @Hoov, and then there’s the fact that aloe blooms come in this color. Nuff said…
    @Kathy, purple or lime green or blue, or even dark pink. My garden can sometimes look like a bag of Skittles.
    @Charlie, it all depends on region and taste. In Seattle you get that beautiful watery light which makes for totally different conditions to work with.

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