Rolling Greens Culver City (tillandsia porn)

A fresh shipment of tillandsias had just arrived when I visited Rolling Greens yesterday for their 75 percent-off sale, which ends today. Almost all of these little bromeliads were in bloom or about to bloom. Lordy.

 photo P1010002.jpg

 photo P1019996.jpg

Like agaves, most tillandsias are monocarpic. After blooming the main plant dies, but will leave behind “pups.”
The blooms do last for months though.

 photo P1019989.jpg

 photo P1019999.jpg

Chartreuse tillandsias. Who knew? All mine are silver. The bright leaf color on some of these might be an effect of the plant going into bloom.

 photo P1019990.jpg

This wholesale grower of tillandsias has advice for their care.
I think I need to thoroughly drench mine more often, instead of the scattershot misting method I use.

 photo P1019998.jpg

 photo P1019995-1.jpg

I tried my best to stay out of the way as she selected tillandsias and then carried them in flats to work with at the floral worktable.
But I hovered here for quite a while.

 photo P1010013.jpg

 photo P1010011.jpg

How she could make a sober, cool-headed selection out of this stunning array, I have no idea. Guess that’s why she’s the professional.

 photo P1010014.jpg

None of them were labeled as to species. Rainforest Flora has a helpful tillandsia identification page, but I couldn’t positively ID any of these. I can see another reference book is needed in the library.

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2 Responses to Rolling Greens Culver City (tillandsia porn)

  1. I have yet to tip my toe in tillandsia water, but some of those selections make acquiring a few even harder to resist.

  2. Cassidy says:

    These are so pretty! I love the subtle colors!

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