Aeonium ‘ Copper Penny’

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The potted manihot doesn’t seem to need great gulps of water so works well with these succulents sharing container space.  The main stalk became two when a nearby Euphorbia cotinifolia tree snapped, crashed, and sprawled over the garden last summer.  I think I prefer the manihot this way, multi-trunked, but was afraid to prune it myself. Calamity to the rescue.

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Aeonium ‘Copper Penny’ with Sedum confusum, the Mexican stonecrop.

It’s rare that I throw a lot of different plants into one container anymore, but a tree does need underplanting.  And I like how fast colonies of plants thicken up in the large pot, so I can break off pieces and use elsewhere.  Which is exactly what Aeonium ‘Copper Penny’ is doing here. I couldn’t get it to build up as fast in the garden.  I’ve become very attached to this little aeonium as it mounds into a coppery, red-flecked presence at the base of the tree.  The thin edge of Sedum rubrotinctum peeking out betrays its losing status in the power struggle.

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There’s an agave here, too, waiting for a permanent home. So far Agave titanota ‘Lanky Wanky’ is managing to stay aloft of the aeonium and sedum.  I’ll immediately come to its rescue if and when it becomes seriously threatened by sedum and aeonium.

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6 Responses to Aeonium ‘ Copper Penny’

  1. Kris P says:

    I thought you must have made up the name of that agave until I Googled it. I want a job creating plant names.

  2. Denise says:

    Kris, isn’t that an appalling name?

  3. Deanne says:

    Love the look of that planting. Very nice.

  4. ks says:

    Lanky Wanky ?? Crikey.

  5. Denise says:

    @Deanne, wish I had your knack for mixed containers!
    @Kathy, indeed!

  6. I love your manihot like that. I was given a small seedling and finally planted it in a raised bed this spring. It’s 5 ft tall now–they grow FAST even with relatively little water.

    I didn’t know this form of Agave titanota was called ‘Lanky Wanky’. Made me laugh.

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