Modernism Week, Palm Springs, Calif.

Feel like drying out before the next storm blows into town?
Well, we’re in luck. It’s Modernism Week in Palm Springs, ongoing since February 16 and ending this Sunday, February 26, 2017.

 photo 1-mid-century-makeover-05.jpg

“Mid-Century Makeover” by Lisa Gimmy, Landscape Architecture

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4 Responses to Modernism Week, Palm Springs, Calif.

  1. ks says:

    I would love nothing better than to dry out.Went to New Orleans last week and it rained there too. A rain free week in Palm Springs would be splendid.

  2. hb says:

    But I don’t want it to dry out! I’m liking this rain stuff. The plants are liking it too. (What a cool photo.) Have fun out there.

  3. Are you/did you go? So jealous and hope for a full report…

  4. David Feix says:

    Love what she did with that slope above the pool wall, not quite the typical look I’d expect to see in Palm Springs.

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