A sultan of a succulent

Erepsia lacera. A succulent with large, sweet sultan-like flowers. (At least what I call sweet sultan, the annual Centaurea moschata.)


From Annie’s Annuals. A fast grower. As often as I trim it off the bricks, I’m surprised to see any flowers.
My mom pointed them out to me the other night, and then added she would like some in her little garden too. This from a woman who only recognizes pelargoniums as possessing true flowers.
With my mom’s seal of approval, now I know this little succulent definitely has crowd appeal. I’ll need to take some cuttings since Annie’s currently doesn’t have erepsia in production.
Fortunately, rooting cuttings from succulents doesn’t overtax even my weak propagation skills.

Also known as ‘Paarl Roosvygie,’ in Afrikaans, I guess. From South Africa.


Just behind the erepsia, bulbinella in a good flush of bloom too.
The dark green menace on the right is Agave ‘Jaws.’


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3 Responses to A sultan of a succulent

  1. Kathy says:

    What a cute thing that is.. Bottom pic-do we discern a view of the new paint in the background ?

  2. Megan says:

    Oh no, it’s no longer in production!!! I love it 🙂

  3. Julia says:

    Hi Denise,

    Lovely blog you have here. I’d like to contact you with an idea – do you have an email address to which I can send a proposal to you?

    Thanks very much.

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