outdoor bias

I admit to a strong design bias towards how a dwelling interacts with the outdoors. An exterior focus, if you will. Don’t ask me why. I’ll whip through on-line home tours, acknowledge a nice chair or rug or staircase, and then promptly forget about it. But when, say, Dwell shows me a home like this in Maringa, Brazil, it gets my full, lingering attention.

 photo large 15.jpg

Oooh, nice chairs and floating staircase.

 photo large 17.jpg

Can any collection of furniture and inanimate objects indoors ever be as dynamic, as soul-restoring as this? (There’s that bias sneaking in that I was talking about.)

 photo large 16.jpg

A Cor-Ten steel sculpture designed by the plastic artist Nivaldo Tonon acts as a window screen.”

 photo large 18.jpg

Okay. One indoor photo is necessary to depict the effect of sleeping behind that screen. You can see more indoor photos here, if that’s where your design bias leads you. Everybody has one, right?

Architecture, interior and landscape design by Une Arquitetura.

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3 Responses to outdoor bias

  1. Kris P says:

    Your introductory statement prompted a laugh. When we began looking for a new house almost 8 years ago, the house itself was of cursory interest – it was all about the land and the garden’s potential for me. And, for my husband, it was about the view. That said, a house that communes with the exterior is a major bonus and this one in Brazil is extraordinary in that regard. I love those Cor-ten screens. If only they weren’t so expensive!

  2. Amy says:

    That first shot!! Is there a name for this obsession? 😉 It’s why my Pinterest boards always show the exterior/interior interfaces, and I rarely bother collecting true interior shots lol… Love these you’ve posted!

  3. Gerhard says:

    Your post is a timely reminder for me to renew my Dwell subscription 🙂

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