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2012’s end

What a beautiful, tragic, maddening, saddening, intoxicating, infuriating, sublime and silly year 2012 was. While I indulge a bittersweet mood with Picasa’s collage editor, I’m wishing you the very, very best for 2013 — heavy on the sublime, light on … Continue reading

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salvias, large and small

Two salvias new to my garden, both in bloom this first week of July. Looking at these photos, I can easily imagine a response of: You’re kidding. Those washed-out things? So what? Why I find certain plants appealing is a … Continue reading

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plant crushes

New plant crushes developed since visiting the Huntington Botanical Gardens on Saturday. For frost-free zones 10-11, from Mexico, South America, Jatropha multifida. Easy from seed, fast growing, drought tolerant shrub or small tree. Spectacular coral flowers give it the common … Continue reading

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Friday clippings 6/29/12

Lobelia tupa from Chile is blooming for the first time in my garden, thereby making everything right again with the world. Long time coming, Ms. Tupa. The color on the lobelia is deeper than salmon but slightly less intense than … Continue reading

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CSSA Plant Sale at the Huntington Botanical Gardens

The Cactus & Succulent Society of America’s plant sale at the Huntington June 29 through July 1, 2012, is one I hope not to miss this year. I’ve moved my little Agave parrasana ‘Fireball’ from last year’s plant sales into … Continue reading

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the children’s garden at the Huntington

The last time I visited the Huntington Botanical Garden a few weeks ago, the prevailing theme for the day was kids in the garden. Moms with toddlers and strollers were everywhere. Field-trip kids in the cactus garden trudged along the … Continue reading

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garden of flowing fragrance in miniature

The architectural scale model of the Huntington’s Garden of Flowing Fragrance, Phase One completed and opened to the pubic in February 2008. The scale model was mesmerizing. A miniaturized, perfect world unto itself. I haven’t seen Phase I yet of … Continue reading

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mid-week garden jaunt

There is a beloved, family-owned nursery in Pasadena that, over the past couple years, has become breathtakingly expensive. My now-20-foot Chinese fringe tree was bought here as a sapling they raised from seed. Many of my agaves were found here, … Continue reading

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Unnamed Future Garden Project

Yesterday started out great. I won a pair of boots from Plant Talk. I’m purposely avoiding my typical over-reliance on hyperbole because there are simply no words to adequately describe this event. Thrilling? Way beyond thrilling. In this case, thrilling … Continue reading

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Glasshouse Dreams

With the cold snap on in the western U.S., and the heat temporarily off in our home pending repairs, the Saturday after Thanksgiving found us heading for the warmth of conservatories. Last night’s temp inside the house was 57 (Fahrenheit), … Continue reading

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