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echeverias runneth over

I work at this building a lot, where there are enormous pots planted with a central Sticks on Fire surrounded by echeverias. Lusty, thriving, insanely multiplying echeverias. They look to be Echeveria secunda. I swear, I get the worst case … Continue reading

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birthday plants

My birthday took up just about every single day last week, and more days on the weekend, which is how I rationalized a trip on Saturday to find that hitherto unknown-to-me, unmet, spectacular plant that would forever after be marked … Continue reading

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Bold Succulents at the Seashore

Out for a walk at the beach with the corgi today, these imposingly tall jars of succulents on a porch caught my eye across four lanes of traffic. (There’s always ample opportunity to survey the surrounding area when walking Ein, … Continue reading

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