Succulents in the Landscape

The camera battery charger has been annoyingly misplaced and a new one finally ordered, but it was several l-o-n-g days in coming, at last arriving late afternoon yesterday. At first light I was up, camera in hand, heading straight across the street to take some photos of Holly’s front garden. Her garden intrigues me, for […]

Votes for Ein!

This week in the Pets Mid-Century Furniture contest held by Modernica. (But, doggone, if that skunk on the Eames rocker isn’t a scene-stealer!)

The Ideal

I haven’t seen the movie ‘Black Swan’ yet, but sometimes I wonder if my own search for the ideal plant isn’t reminiscent of the exacting standards of ballet.


A Year of Euphorbias

Euphorbia ‘Diamond Frost’ is capable of an exceptionally long season in zone 10, basically year-round. And not just spitting out a few blooms, but flourishing.

A cultivar of E. hypericifolia, it is a true perennial here in zone 10. Extremely drought tolerant and handles my heavy clay soil well. In colder zones, it […]

Kalanchoe grandiflora

All succulents can be described as fleshy to some degree, but this kalanchoe is positively indecent, a real fleshpot. A tall, upright succulent to 3 feet.

How to describe the color? There actually exists a means to describe the complex coloring of this kalanchoe’s leaves in one word: Peachblow.

“Of the delicate purplish pink […]

Friday, January 21, 2011

Today was a day of mathematical simplicity, nothing too complex. Like an abacus, disparate elements slid in and out of place, adding in then subtracting out throughout the day. Work lined up for the day cancelled. Subtraction. But being home, I was able to catch the late afternoon sun backlighting Aeonium rubrinoleatum. Addition.

A […]

Tell The Story of Your Garden

I suppose that’s one way to describe what bloggers are busy doing, to the best of our abilities. If blogging doesn’t quite suit your style, photographer Guy Hervais will tell the story of your garden and immortalize its horticultural splendors in your very own Garden Secret Book, which he will create for you, soup to […]

Deja Vu Plants

In my garden, succulents are the deja vu plants extraordinaire. New acquisitions can look suspiciously familiar because, in fact, they have been brought home before. Maybe they became submerged under rampant growers, like the soft-leaved yucca I just unearthed when cleaning out some succulents, or malingered and withered away unnoticed in a pot. Whatever the […]

Foliage Follow-Up January 2011

I missed contributing to January’s Bloom Day, the 15th of every month, hosted by Carol at May Dreams Gardens, but can’t wait to check out the participating blogs, over 100 from all over the world. In my own zone 10 garden in Southern California, there could be a huge variety of plants in bloom, but […]

Pets on Mid-Century Furniture Contest

I’m probably shooting myself in the foot, contest chances-wise, by blogging about this Modernica contest. God knows, you guys are probably breakfasting, lounging, and blogging on fabulous mid-century furniture as I type, incredibly photogenic pets at your side. But along with this being a naked pitch to grab votes for Ein, it’s also encouragement to […]