Bloom Day April 2011

Southern California, a mile from the ocean, zone 10, spring a couple months ahead of most of the country.

With the grasses joining the frothy euphorbias in bloom, there’s now a supercharged atmosphere that animates the garden. I love it when plants start to inhabit planes other than just ground level and do so with […]

Bloom Day March 2011

Carol at May Dreams Gardens hosts this exciting monthly event, inspired by garden writer Elizabeth Lawrence’s urging that “We can have flowers nearly every month of the year.” Some days are so bleak, it seems astonishing that flowers could bloom at all, but indeed they always do. Some newer things in bloom in my garden […]

Bloom Day February 2011

What was I thinking, sleeping in on Bloom Day?

Getting straight to the point…

Grevillea ‘Superb’

Pelargonium echinatum



Salvia chiapensis

Ammi majus


The first flower of Salvia iodantha wagneriana in honor of Bloom Day. Thanks, Carol!


Foliage Follow-Up January 2011

I missed contributing to January’s Bloom Day, the 15th of every month, hosted by Carol at May Dreams Gardens, but can’t wait to check out the participating blogs, over 100 from all over the world. In my own zone 10 garden in Southern California, there could be a huge variety of plants in bloom, but […]

Bloom Day December 2010

(Actor Slim Pickens riding the bomb in Kubrick’s Dr. Strangelove.)

A December Bloom Day post begs for a little goofiness. No other word describes prowling a drizzly garden for photos in non-existent light searching for non-existent blooms.

The roster for this month is pretty thin. The paperwhites are budding. (The single most important […]

Of Elephants and Mobile Homes

If one morning I was presented with a list of the garden tasks I would ultimately end up accomplishing that day, I would probably consider it an absurd amount of work and pitch the list in the trash. That’s the inherent paradox of puttering in a garden: it never seems like work at the time, […]

August 2010 Bloom Day

Bloom Days are hosted by Carol at May Dreams Gardens. For next summer I’m already planning on lilies again, this time for pots. Just an example of the power of Bloom Day posts.

Another atypical overcast morning in Southern California for August. I dutifully grabbed my camera for Bloom Day but the light was abysmal […]

July 2010 Bloom Day

I’m late, I’m late…

for a very important date…(yeah, right. It’s called a job.)

No time to say hello/goodbye, I’m late, I’m late, I’m late!

Now scurry over to our host’s site “May Dreams Gardens, for a perusal of Carol’s and other bloggers’ garden blooms for July 2010.

And take […]

June 2010 Bloom Day

A 2-year-old mossed basket with sedums, agave, and oregano ‘Kent Beauty.’ I was surprised to see the oregano return this year. Life in a mossed basket can be rough.

The urns of arctoctis. Hopefully, the next time I replant the urns will be the day after Thanksgiving, to fill them with tulips. July is […]

May Bloom Day

May is a heady month for gardens. Check them out at Carol’s host site for Bloom Day, May Dreams Gardens.

The pale lavender heliotrope is responding to longer and warmer days, sprawling over Oxalis vulcanicola, both perennial in zone 10. The heliotrope looks ratty in winter, when the oxalis billows and flourishes, while the reverse […]