driveby garden; 1/31/13

Do you consider the color of your house and its role as a backdrop/canvas for the garden? I can’t believe the luscious, creamy, chlorophylly color on this house was an accident. The plants are positively strutting and preening against it.

Both siding and trim echoed in one plant. Possibly Opuntia monacantha var. […]

scenes from Versailles

As promised, photos of the gardens of Versailles, the apogee of the French formal garden style, designed by landscape architect Andre Le Notre for King Louis XIV of France (September 5, 1638 – September 1, 1715). With itinerant photographer MB Maher in town briefly for a friend’s wedding, I was able to shake his coat […]

winter veg

This is my first winter in a new community organic garden. The first summer, which was 2012, was so dreadful that I couldn’t bring myself to post about it. I’ve participated in community gardens in the past, got too busy, dropped out. And there’s no rule that you have to grow vegetables. The first time […]

comparative aeoniums

One of the perks of winter in a Mediterranean climate is stooping over plants, cup of coffee in hand, hair spangled and frizzed with rain, inspecting the beneficent aftermath of the previous night’s rainfall on the garden. Which are some of the loveliest effects to be had anywhere. Growth, succulence, life. A dry summer is […]

1/24/13 Thursday Garden Talk with Lili Singer

I had the belated, long-postponed, very intense pleasure of attending one of Lili Singer’s Thursday Garden Talks held by the Los Angeles County Arboretum, a tradition going back ten years. Lili Singer has long been so embedded and enmeshed in everything that is good about Los Angeles gardens and garden making that it’s impossible to […]

Occasional Daily Weather Report 1/23/13

Eye strain has kept me away from the computer for a few days, so following butterflies around the garden has been more my speed. I blame the eye strain mostly on the amount of political news I read online, far more than is safe for a balanced mind and clear eyes, so that’s one […]

driveby garden: Baker Street, San Francisco

For those who plan to attend the garden blogger meetup in San Francisco this year, known as the Garden Bloggers Fling, here’s a tiny glimpse of what the City offers mid January. And if you haven’t decided to attend yet, just imagine what June will be like.

The grand houses and dowager apartment buildings of […]

still lifes with flowers; work by artist Laura Jones

A welcome sight mid January are these lush, color-soaked still lifes by Laura Jones, an artist in Sydney, Australia. Nice interview, too, via the design files.

UCBG Natural Discourse: Form and Function 1/11/13

The final event in the unique, year-long collaboration that the University of California Botanical Garden at Berkeley undertook with “artists, architects, scientists and poets in the garden,” Natural Discourse, was held Friday, January 11, 2013. As co-curator Shirley Watts explained at the beginning, “This is my dream symposium. So I just said, Who do I […]

no-burn day

On the drive to work this morning, my local public radio station advised that today is a no-burn day. I had never heard that term before, though I’m familiar with the reasoning behind it:

“A ‘no burn’ alert is in effect through midnight Wednesday for parts of Los Angeles and Orange counties.

Sam Atwood, […]