Here it comes…


Did you get a whiff? No? Maybe scoot your chair just a bit closer.


Smellovision didn’t work so great in 1960 either. I cut this bunch of sweet peas last night from my mom’s first garden, a single raised bed we keep planted for her. Fresh spinach from the little garden for dinner too. The sweet peas were sown last fall, just a couple plants. (At age 82, my mom’s first sweet peas. I felt awful for selfishly prying this bunch away from her but recovered nicely as the scent filled the car on the ride home.) From a mixture by Renee’s Garden “Early Blooming Velvet Elegance,” a day-length neutral blend. They’ve been in bloom for over a month. The bi-colored lavender was a nice surprise.

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4 Responses to Smellovision

  1. Grace says:

    At first I thought they were pansies. But no. Sweet peas! Oh sheer bliss. I love the scent and I believe I did catch a whiff. I was toying with the idea of growing sweet peas this year. Your post sealed the deal. Thanks!

  2. Kathy says:

    Hanging my head in shame that I did not address the SweetPeas last September. Packets of expired (or soon to be ) languish in my seed drawers. Bad girl. Could really use that Smell-o-vision right now..

  3. Saucydog says:

    I have never grown sweet peas. I don’t even have an inkling of what they might smell like! It’s early enough here to add them to the list of things to plant.

    I don’t think I would like smell-o-vision. I can’t imagine how Survivor or Dancing With the Stars might smell 🙂

  4. Denise says:

    Grace, yes, sweet peas. I bet they last forever in your cooler climate. And I wonder what color you’ll choose…ha!
    Kathy, no shame. Next fall, next fall…
    Saucy, goodness sakes, no sweet peas? Bet you could start your seeds now…

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