Echium gentianoides ‘Tajinaste’

Last time I wrote about this echium was for a March Bloom Day post, cursing myself for having transplanted it while it was just beginning to show flower buds.

I am now relieved to report it has made a full recovery.



Any plant with the word “gentian” in its name has to be a sure bet.


From Annie’s Annuals, currently in stock.

8 comments to Echium gentianoides ‘Tajinaste’

  • the color is amazing, and I love the color of the buds too (from pink to purple?). It looks really great in front of those crispy leaves that you had in a recent post. Solanum?

  • sorry for the double post. I wonder how these would look with orange Phygelius. too much?

  • Denise

    Ryan, that is the Solanum marginatum on the left. Personally, I like blue with everything, which is a big part of its attraction, and orange phygelius sounds good to me. I sound like such a shill, but kudos to Annie’s for listing such a rare but beautiful and easy-to-grow echium.

  • Lovely, looks like they forgave your for moving them…so rare to get that true, pure blue in a flower.

  • Beautiful plant, Denise. BTW, I posted on the MIA boxwood but I don’t think it made it. Very well-written chronicle.

  • I put mine in the hell strip. It languishes thus far. Keeping the glass half full.

  • amazing how such delicate beauty can be so robust!

  • That blue is so pure. With those pinky-red buds it’s sublime! I think you’re right about “gentian” in a name.

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