Wreath of Asarina

Now that it’s October, the grapevine wreath I hung on the fence mid-summer doesn’t seem half as silly.
The pink flowers are from a nearby Asarina scandens, which has been galloping over the fence.
The wreath is one I made for a Christmas past from the grapevine on the pergola.
In combining the two, asarina and grapevine wreath, I had vague ideas of encouraging a living wreath. And so it is.


The asarina is grown as an annual elsewhere, but can be (and has been) perennial here.
It has an amazingly loopy and arabesque-making habit of growth, creating natural swags.
Never one to have much pink in the garden or get heavily into seasonal/holiday decorating, this is definitely a passing fancy.
The asarina also comes in purple and white forms, either of which I’d prefer to this pink asarina.
The asarina has become a short-timer now that it’s starting to crowd the Monterey cypress.
The three Cupressus macrocarpa ‘Citriodora’ are now past fence height and ready to take over responsibilities as a privacy screen next year.

Summer foolishness turns into a ripening display of the changing seasons. Proving again that context is everything.


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3 Responses to Wreath of Asarina

  1. The completion of the wreath is the rugged sisal bow. The flower on the asarina is lovely. White or purple would also be my preferred choice, but I surprise myself when I look around and see how much pink has crept into my garden over a few years.

  2. Scott Weber says:

    Ha…I have to agree with Jane…I never seem to intentionally plant pink things…but when I stand back, I seem to still have quite a bit of it 😉

  3. Denise says:

    Jane & Scott, I agree with you both, that I never plan for pink, it just happens. There was a moment years ago on the pergola when strident pink old roses mingled with gentle orangey/buff tea climbers. Never saw that coming either! Both good roses but such a clash of colors.

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