metal basket

The day I picked up my shelves at go2machinery, a salvage yard/building in Gardena, I also found this basket of expandable metal.
Mad metal lust gripped my heart. And baskets are always useful, right?



And then there was this little room off the main cavernous greasy hall where all the gigantic machines sit silent. You have to fumble to find a light switch, and it’s just dark enough that a sliver of panic might creep in before you do, but when the light’s on you’ll find on the far shelf at the very top bottle after bottle of laboratory beakers.


And as this reprised AGO photo proves, glass beakers can be pretty handy too.


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4 Responses to metal basket

  1. Oh that tall tear-drop shaped one with the stopper is fabulous! As is your basket. Excellent finds!

  2. hoov says:

    The old neighborhood! You make me nostalgic for razor wire. I love those bottles hanging in the window, how they change and fracture the light.

  3. Kathy says:

    Serra High. On Van Ness ? We St Marys girls liked the Serra guys. I like the basket now though. That is damn nice.

  4. Denise says:

    I’m so glad you all approve! Hoov, I bet the ‘hood looks just as you left it. Yes, Kathy, the very same Serra. My brother went back just recently for some football reunion thingy. I didn’t know the human neck could become as large and muscular as Serra’s football coaches required of their team.

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