The Many Faces of Cobaea

Annual vine Cobaea scandens. Seems I still feel up to the challenge of including strong personalities in the garden. For two successive years in a row, I’ve had to launch emergency eradication efforts in early spring of overly boisterous and exuberant personalities from the same 4X6 patch of earth; this year the alstroemeria and last year the golden hops vine. What’s with this attraction to garden thugs? Amazing good looks, for one.

I’ve been cutting it back to minimize the “death by tendril” and throttling of nearby plants. At least cobaea doesn’t run at the root. Fairly drought resistant too. These were seeded in spring 2009 and didn’t bloom at all last summer.

This is the poor man’s version of time-lapse photography, so several blooms were involved, but all these dramatic stages of bloom present at one time make this vine very photogenic.




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2 Responses to The Many Faces of Cobaea

  1. Sheila says:

    Very, very pretty!

  2. Grace says:

    This is some amazing photography, girl! I like this plant but it takes forever for it to bloom every year from seed. [Not hardy.] Yours makes me want to rethink that. It’s definitely worth the wait.

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