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Don’t laugh, but it was cold, relatively speaking, in Los Angeles yesterday. Last night was down into the low 40’s. Marty and I took the Metro up to the ArcLight in Hollywood to see Hyde Park on Hudson, and the boots, scarves, sweaters, umbrellas and heavy coats were out in full force on train travelers. Which might be why I can’t stop looking at the portfolio of South African garden designer Franchesca Watson, and the light-flooded photos from one some of her gardens found at desiretoinspire.

Franchesca Watson (via desiretoinspireSouth African garden designer


The dome-shaped plants in the huge gray pots are intriguing and remind me of the bromeliad Abromeitiella brevifolia, (description via plantlust) but they just can’t be, right? Must be something shrubby clipped tight. Wonderful effect, whatever it is.

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  1. Kaveh says:

    Those really do look like Abromeitiella. I agree that whatever they are they are wonderful.

  2. kathy says:

    ArcLight..I looked up the address..seems like this was where the old Cinerama dome was ? Back in my HS years we always drove to Hollywood to see first run movies.I remember the lines to get into Bonnie and Clyde at the Nu-vue on Hollywood Blvd,seeing Wait Until Dark the the Egyptian.. and an order of french fries after the show at the greasy spoon that was next door to Frederiks.

  3. Cool post, thank you for sharing, i didn’t know her. I hope to meet Mitch Maher this week in Paris !!!

  4. Scott says:

    So beautiful! How was the movie? We were thinking of seeing it, as well 🙂

  5. Denise says:

    Kaveh, I wonder how fast it grows? (And how soon I can get some and experiment with it)
    Kathy, the ArcLight is in back of the old Cineramadome. We had a great kale salad at the diner out in front — times have changed 😉
    Delphine, amazingly small world — Mitch is a lucky man!
    Scott, Bill Murray can do no wrong, so I enjoyed it for that, and it also has something of a Downtown Abbey appeal to it with its focus on how the house staff prepared for and supported (literally) FDR — but it’s a small look at a huge subject, so be prepared for that. Marty loved it, and I thought he might not when it was over.

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